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11-16-2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by realroadrage View Post
1) Players agreed to play under current CBA while negotiating new one
2) Current CBA, by all accounts, represented a total win for owners when negotiated and signed

How anyone can blame the players when there is no hockey is beyond me.
1) Why don't players ever continue to play under the terms of their expired contracts while they negotiate new ones? Parise could've stayed with the Devils, making a tidy $6 million while they came up with a new deal.

2) The 50-50 offer by the owners, assuming flat-to-positive growth in HRR, would mean a raise for players over the term of the next CBA. The more growth, the bigger the raise (e.g. 5% growth each year for the next 6 would be $1.8 billion more for players compared to the last 6 years). That's not enough?

How can anyone blame the owners?

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