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11-16-2012, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
Strawman. On the whole, the officiating is far better now than it was with the replacements. And I don't think one would get much argument in most circles that the on-field product is better now, too, because the game has a better flow now that there are fewer official conferences.

Wait a second, Foligno is as locked out as Stafford is. Replacement players do not include the top NHL prospects currently playing in the AHL and elsewhere--anyways, Foligno is, at this point, an NHL player because he was going to be on the Opening Night roster. Scab players would be the Corey Lockes, Alex Girouxs and Jason Krogs of the world. That is, the career minor-leaguers and players playing overseas.

And regarding your Porter example, in a scab league he'd be a top-6 player. He doesn't remotely resemble a top-6 NHL player.
I don't consider any player in the AHL whether a top prospect or not to be a sure-fire NHLer, and I would think that a young player that hasn't made any real coin to be one of the first to cross the line for the bigger payday and a chance to establish themselves. Its a league full of mercenaries so I sure wouldn't expect much loyalty from the guys trying to establish themselves to the older players.

Under your premise, no player that has signed a NHL contract whether they're overseas, in juniors or the minors would be eligible which I don't quite agree with.

As for the NFL refs, yes the games have more flow now than the beginning of the season, however there's still continual mistakes but they're not highlighted as much by the commentators ie Gruden that pointed out everything he thought they missed but doesn't say crap about any bad calls now unlike Fouts that was quite verbose about the poor officiating last week.

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