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11-16-2012, 01:14 PM
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The information about Jamison's lease is up on

Updates from new items that I can see (my interpretations could be wrong FYI):

1. Requirement to have 20 events with an average of 7,000 people in addition to hockey
2. Jamison pays all Operating Expenses in the manner required by Agreement (not new I dont think)
3. Requirement to replace all canceled games with new events
4. The rights to 5,500 parking spots are transferred to Jamison
5. Ads related to the parking areas are Jamison's to control but 15% of the revenue is transferred to Glendale
6. More than 30 events will result in Jamison getting a $500,000 bonus per "block", less than 30 Jamison gives Glendale $25,000 per event short.
7. Jamison has full control over the food...random requirement to have the same food options in the "Owners" suite and "City Owned" suite (wonder how long that stipulation took to negotiate).
8. Rights to negotiate issues were arena expenses are higher than expected and city help is needed.
9. City surcharge will be $2.75 a ticket for 5 years then its $3 (sorry not $40 Ken)
10. Capital fund from the City will include transfers of $500,000 per year into a CF account.
11. City can make repairs to the arena using the CF account.
12. Forces 40 games and all playoff games to be played in Glendale.
13. Comparable facilities to Jobing are: USAC, Nationwide Arena, and Xcel Energy Center.
14. Describes the chart of accounts that will be used in giving financial statements to Glendale.
15. Summary of the upgrades and replacement schedule is also provided.

Well that is everything that I saw as new or interesting. Some of it may be a rehash of the old stuff but you add this to June's information.

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