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11-16-2012, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
The NFL lockout wouldn't have been resolved so easily if Fehr were the leader of the NFLPA. The guy is unreasonable. Selig was his ***** and it ruined a lot of things in baseball. I kind of like that Bettman isn't a push over like Selig but these two colossal egos (Bettman/Fehr) are going to significantly hurt the game with this lockout. They should put egos aside and find some compromise but I'm not holding my breath.
As I keep pointing out, Fehr is a direct result of Bettman's actions. Had he not gone for blood to stick it to BG and the NHLPA by forcing the rollbacks AND the cap, we would have had BG or Kelly still heading up the union and be watching hockey right now... Not discussing the disgrace Bettman has made of this league.

A good leader knows how to find that balance and not create so much hatred and mistrust. Unfortunately, Bettman hasn't figured that out yet... So now we get the Fehr sideshow along with Bettman's incompetence.

The only one more idiotic than these two, is me, for thinking common sense would prevail... Forgetting that Bettman from the three lockouts, to Spano, Boots, etc has always been quite lacking in the common sense dept.

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