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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I didn't think they would go through with a lockout.

The NHL as a whole is immensely profitable, ~130 milion in operating income, the players also make an average of ~2.4 million/year.

Who are the seven owners on the executive committee? I need a list of teams to hate when hockey resumes... Minnesota, Boston, who else?
I agree. This is just shocking. With the banking mess, and the incredibly dim and late realization by the 99% Human Capital (love that term, even Orwell did not think of that one) , that they are being ****ed in the bum, one would think the owners would be careful, and play nice.

As it turns out, this is becoming just one more symptom of the ever growing cancerous global capital and rentier class versus labour disease.

God, things are really awful in the world right now. Really just terribly ****. Whiskey. Double.

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