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Originally Posted by BowDangles View Post
I honestly do not see RNH coming to play in this tourney. It wouldn't benefit him at all, he is currently playing in AHL against men and some NHL players. If the NHL was not locked out he would not play in it so I do not see why he would now...

I hope he does but I just have a gut feeling that he won't, it would be worst competition than what he is currently facing and takes time away from his AHL team where he is playing with Eberle/Shultz and soon to be Hall...
I really doubt that he'll be there either. If it was in Canada, its possible that all the other reasons that you mentioned for not going could be overcome. But because it is being held far to the East of Moscow, I just can't see him going halfway around the World for more than 2 weeks to play in the tournament. Then, if he goes there, its only human nature to assign him full responsibility for bringing back a Gold Medal for Canada. Anything less would be a failure for him exclusively. Also, and I don't whether this would be a factor or not, but the year before last season, when he made his debut in the NHL, he was cut by Hockey Canada so that he couldn't participate in the WJC in Buffalo. Nothing has been said, but I do wonder whether being cut, when he was clearly good enough to play, left a bad taste in his mouth towards Hockey Canada.

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