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11-16-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Just to do some quick math here based on numbers being published:

The Tanger Mall is expected to have 5,000,000 visitors generating $2,500,000 for the CoG.

The CoG is claiming that by not having the Coyotes playing, it is costing them $60,000 per game in lost revenue. If we multiply this out for 41 games we get: $2,460,000

So, if I am to understand this.....

The CoG is actually claiming that 500,000 hockey fans are going to generate the same amount of revenue for the city as 5,000,000 shoppers??? Sorry, not buying it. I can buy the Tanger Mall generating $2.5M, but if the Coyotes only get 1/10 of the Mall traffic, they are generating a lot less one would assume than $2.46M the CoG is claiming.

Someone correct me in the errors of my ways.
Two questions :

1) Where did you learn your math ? If you went to Clarkonomics school you would know your numbers are wrong, very

2) Why are you pointing the obvious ? You are not to know that could turn out ugly for the Coyotes remaining in Arizona, you meanie

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