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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
They also get a player who has a history of injury who makes a ton of money whose career year was in his contract year while the Marlins not only get rid of that contract, they get to be just as bad while not spending a ton of money. In reality, it doesnt matter who got the better player, it matters that the Marlins were a last place team last year with a huge payroll and now they can be a last place team while having a payroll under 20 million.

Who are these two top end of the rotation guys?.....wait, you mean Burh and JJ? JJ is injury prone and hasnt lived up to his one great season and the jury is still out if he will ever match that level again. Lost velocity on his pitches have made him mediocre and a solid number three guy. You are not going anywhere if JJ is the ace of your staff. Burh is what he is, and saying he is a quality number four in a rotation isnt out of the question and takes Alverez spot nicely with the exception that now the Jays are the ones paying him. Now, stat bois and post up this or that about some sort of statistic here or there but the bottom line is Burh will be out there every fifth day trying to win. The Jays rotation as of now is filled with middle of the rotation types and nobody who is head and shoulders better then the field. It makes the Jays better, but they wernt that good in the first place so its better by default if you look at things objectively.

Really? Nicolino has been compared to Glavine and statsticly is the most impressive pitching prospect that was in the Jays farm system with an ungoldly walks per nine average and is further along and could help the Marlins as soon as next year.

And one of the best prospects in baseball.........
Anthony DeSclafani? He was a steal in the sixth round and projects to be en excellent middle/ spot starter type. Where is this limited upside when if he wasnt added into the trade he would have been a borderline top ten prospect after the gutting?


No they dont. They took a huge amount of money from a team that was looking to get rid of it. They helped the Marlins by taking on questionable contracts and injury prone players while the Marlins pretty much picked and choosed whom they wanted from the Jays minor league system, recieved cheap players who will help out in the majors while the kids they got develop, all this while providing a dwindling fan base a last place team with the exception now being next years last place team will be cheaper, expected to be a last place team, and could suprise and make as run for mediocre in what would be considered nothing but a positive instead of last year which was a huge dissapointment.

The Jays? They took an a bunch of money in players who have a history of injury and an older pitcher who will go out there every fifth day but is a shell of what he once was. They over spent in giving up so much talent to a team that was looking to just get rid of salary, over looking the type of players they aquired and instead just looking at the names. The Jays are better now, but that isnt saying much considering the only team worse then them in their division pretty much gave up on their manager and even then, only beat the Red Sox by four games. A team, such as the Jays, who were hobbled by injury almost all of last year, imo, of course, shouldnt be picking up players who have a history of injury while using a deep farm system to get them when a couple of those players traded could have helped them sooner then later.

The money the Marlins dont have to spend throws the advantage into their favor.

But does he want to stay there?

Halliday is gone and is getting paid by the Phillies.

It will also help speed up the deterioration of his joints. And with that horrible contract, isnt one of the best things for a player who is injured as often as Reyes.

I am not a fan of either team, but think theres more to this trade then just the players involved. Loria wanted to get rid of money and found a sucker in AA. Thats the main reason for this fire sale and the Marlins got a boat load of talent in exchange for the Jays taking all of those contracts. Thats logical thinking without even trying to comprehend the talent exchanged. This was a money move for the Marlins who also got a ton of talent, while the Jays took on the money, and the questionable health thats tied into that money, and a one year, injury prone pitcher who has yet to live up to his one great year amidst injury.

Just looking at it from both sides instead of one.
So much fail in this post.. I'm not sure where you get your information from, but most of it is wrong.

Nicolino was in A ball this year, but he's going to help the Marlins next year?

DeSclafani doesn't have big upside. Marisnick does, but hes a long way away from it and far from a guarentee to ever even sniff the major leagues.

Established major league talent >>>>>>> prospects

Why are you so concerned with money? Especially when the Blue Jays multi billion dollar ownership group isn't?

Halladay is getting paid by the Phillies now, but he re-signed multiple times throughout his prime while being widely regarded as the best pitcher in the game.

I don't know what JJ is thinking, but I do know players want to win. If he feels like he has a chance to win in Toronto, and is given a good finacial offer, why wouldn't he stay?

Toronto was a destination in the late 80's and early 90's due to the success and talent on the team. AA is trying to bring the culture back by parlaying prospects into established ML talent who likely wouldn't have signed here as free agents.

Every expert I've read or listened too, think the Jays did amazing. The Marlins took all the chances in betting that all the youth they acquired will pan out; that rarely happens. The Jays know what they got, and they like it. In one deal, AA addressed all the major needs of the organization.

Sure, if every kid reaches his max potential then the Marlins look good in this deal. But realistically, that won't happen. None of the youth projects as all star type players and the Jays kept all their best prospects and all their high ceiling guys. Marisnick possibly being an exception if absolutely everything goes right for him.

If you told any Jays fan we made this deal a month ago without giving up Gose, d'Arnaud, Sanchez or Syndergaard, and they likely don't believe it.

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