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11-16-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
The Union is suppose to get the best possible deal for the players. Whether that includes GAINS for the players or managing how bad the loss is depends on the factors involved. The NHL is a league that is not big in the US, teams losing money, etc etc etc we've all been through this 1000 times..

What if Fehr keeps this BS up and they lose a season? Revenue projections go down. The offers get worse. Are the players gunna keep asking to GAIN then? If so, we may never see hockey again.

The sense of entitlement by the players is sickening.

Why hasn't the NHL proposed 20% of HRR and not bothered with RS then?

Originally Posted by Deebo View Post
They offered with interest, not enough to make whole, but it was a starting point but the PA just came back with the same guaranteed increases.

if all they wanted was 50/50+ honored contracts, they could have made an offer back to adjust the proposal. There are numbers with which the make whole concept would work, but they want it all plus more right now.

If that's what they want, then they can sit until they get it if they like but it really makes their "we want to play, but honor our contracts" stance seem disingenuous.

Do you think if the PA accepted the 50/50, this would be over?

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