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11-16-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... pretty much. Is 50% even fair? If Im an owner in the mid-to-low-range within the league Im not thinkin so. If Im a player, absolutely. If Im an owner in the upper echelon's, Im disturbed about all the money Ive lost and will lose if the entire seasons wiped out. Ultimately with the huge disparities between the top & bottom rungs in our 30 team league, it's just not gonna matter. 50% is too much or too little depending on whatever step on the ladder you find yourself sitting. Record revenues does not equate to record profits. So lets say the players go for it, accept the rest of the contractual issues, well, Im afraid we'll be right back here again in 2017-18.
Unfortunately, I agree that we will be back here at the end of the next CBA. The issue is: what are the alternatives? Many have been shot around on here but literally 1 other has been proposed in real negotiations. That would be de-linked revenue structures, which really doesn't change how things are played now either. Additionally, I still think the de-linked nonsense is overblown but the way that some media portrays the offer, it would be take a fool of a businessman to continue to front all the risk especially after a debacle like we are in right now. Use of the median for salary cap/floor calculations would be nice, but both sides are simply looking to get their pound of flesh and move on. Shame really.

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