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11-16-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post

And Ian White is what exactly? A not helpful whiny *****. Sorry about that
what ian white or any other player says on his twitter/facebook has no actual implications on the negotiation process, unlike if people who are actually directly involved with the negos.

Only difference is, the NHL has no talking policy, so it can control all it's PR. Because it values it's PR in terms of market share gains. While NHLPA doesn't have PR battle to win, nor a market share to gain. All they have/doing is a labour battle.

On the other hand, if bettman goes public by telling us in advance that NHL will vote on a lock out: that will have direct implications with nego process.

Personally i don't care about PR battle, and who is "winning" it makes absolutely no difference. If there is a PR battle, it's because the nego process is *****. Which is obviously the case. The more each side talks s*it to the media, the worse the nego process will be/get.

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