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11-16-2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Those are the breaks. Trout didn't do even remotely as well as Cabrera when it counted. At the end of the day, one was quantitatively more valuable than the other, nobody is 'at fault' but those are how the chips fell. C'est la vie.
Trout did just as well as Cabrera when it counted, which I have already showed you based on their RBI's per RBI opportunities. Why are you ignornig this?

I agree with your statement: one was more quantitatively valuable than the other -- Trout.

C'est la vie.

Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
I would also like to add that this discounting of certain fundamental stats because of disparities in opportunity or attribution to team play don't fly in hockey (as this is a hockey board). Nobody says assists (and therefore, points) shouldn't count for the Hart trophy because those are a team stat. If they did they'd be laughed at.
Just because you are a hockey fan (not everyone on here is), and hockey uses fundamental basic stats, doesn't mean baseball is incorrect for creating formulas that showcase a more advanced understanding.

Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post

Choo is available and would be a great target for our LF position. The Korean is truly one of the more underrated players in the game and will fill a huge hole in LF.

I think a deal is doable without including D'Arnaud. Cleveland might have interest in Anthony Gose and that's okay as Rasmus is totally fine in CF for us.

Choo - Rasmus - Bautista solidify the OF for us.
I am sorry to say, but trading Gose for Choo at this point is one of the stupidest moves this franchise can make at the moment.

Originally Posted by Diamond Joe Quimby View Post
Amen. One thing that is quite evident, the MVP and Gold Glove awards are far more qualitative in nature than quantitative. I learned that lesson long ago.
This statement is tremendously accurate, which is sad for most deserving award winners who do not end up winning.

Originally Posted by p.l.f. View Post
a LH power hitter batting 5th

i think someone will take the #2 spot
rasmus lawrie bonifacio take your pick
stats will be juiced there with all the fastballs he'd get

they cant take a chance on Lind anymore
odds are he gets hurt even if he does come around
Lind is not a bad option if he hits anywhere from #7-9. It's become a fact that he cannot be relied on to be a solid contributor in the middle of the line-up. However, there isn't many options to upgrade at the moment, and other areas could use the upgrade more than Lind.

I hate having to say that because I feel Adam Lind is one of the most useless players in baseball, let alone on the Blue Jays.

Originally Posted by The Amazing Ralph View Post
Do you think that a Rasmus + Arencibia combo could fetch much in a trade.
Yes, they can especially pitching-wise, however I do not think it's wise to trade Rasmus. He can absolutely break out this year.

Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Why are stolen bases considered more valuable than HR's or RBI's? I guess you can pick and choose your stats to suit your argument. Are there any statistical measures that account for the position you bat in the lineup? Seems to me Trout would have an easier time scoring runs with a guy like Pujols batting 3rd as compared to Young batting 5th for the Tigers. Cabrera had much better stats in late and close situations as compared to Trout, better stats with RISP and 2 outs. This is what makes baseball interesting but it isn't interesting when people tell you what an injustice it is that Cabrera won the MVP. If Trout should have won MVP then let's just get rid of voting and base the MVP off of who had the highest WAR.
Stolen bases are not more valuable, however, it can be argued speed is. Trout led the league in runs created from when he was on base, and Cabrera was... -10 meaning he cost his teams when he was on base.

Again, Trout, created runs when he was on base. He scored the most times from 2nd base, going first to third, etc. How is this a product of Pujols hitting 3rd?

Cabrera had more opportunities with runners in scoring position than Trout. However, their RBI average based on the opportunites was identical. So, what you said is not an accurate statement.

It was an injustice. If you disagree, tell us why (with an argument). People have already stated why Trout should have won.

I think it'd be awesome to see if someone actually posted why Cabrera should and rightfully won over Trout.

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