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11-16-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
im sure if romney's wife was trying to 'fix' our obesity epidemic, everything would be hunky dory

dammit. to hf purgatory i go.

and, as a side note, disregard BMI, DXA, ZZTop all you want. have a look at diabetes/hypertension trends in this country. or take a drive through Mississippi, whichever's easier
1) My main point is that BMI is a terrible statistic.

2) My second point is that "obesity" as currently statistically calculated (not as a diagnosed medical condition) is overinflated in America due to the use of BMI as the sole (literally) defining metric for tabulation.

Lastly, while diabetes is indeed increasing, you're now conflating two different things that are empirically (while not entirely unrelated) not 1:1 relative.

And the fact that you are now somehow (bizarrely) tieing in Michelle Obama to this conversation defines just how hyper-partisan an individual you are. It's becoming very tiresome that no matter what I post in TAN you somehow try to inject politics into it or create a polititroll climate (like this BMI conversation). I could write that I saw a beautiful sunset yesterday, and you'd somehow try to swing the conversation into an argument about global warming. It's getting annoying. Though kudos for somehow getting a conversation from "BMI is a bad health metric because...." to a political argument. That must take some real skill.

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