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Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
These two posts really make me scratch my head.

We traded a malcontent who had no desire to be here for Johnson, who has brought a great amount of leadership that no one expected AND a first rounder. As a Columbus fan, I feel grateful; I thought we weren't going to get anything once word spread that Carter wanted a trade. I can see the one-dimensional comment, I've thought that for a while up until recently (and I recognize he still needs to disprove this because of the small sample size), but he's on a sweet contract in my books.

I honestly wasn't a fan of JJ before we traded for him. Always thought he was a bonehead. But lucky to be on a second pairing? Holy crap.. even when I didn't think too fondly of JJ I didn't think of him that way.

Upon arriving, Jack has jumped at being "the guy". He wants to be the one making the play, whether it's scoring a timely goal, blocking a shot, or battling in front of his own net. He was laying it all down on the line for us. Maybe it's just the fact that we have never had leadership and talent in such a combination on defense, but it was a very welcome addition. He may be lacking in defensive know-how, but his amount of desire to do what is best for the team is through the roof.

Again, I understand he needs to prove more due to the amount of time he's been here, but I don't think there has ever been a guy as excited to be here in our history as much as Johnson. That means a lot to us. In that sense, I'd rather have Johnson on MY team than Phaneuf, simply because of the fit he and the club have. Phaneuf gets the edge as being the better player, but to quote Herb Brooks: We're not looking for the best players, we're looking for the right ones.
I don't know if you can teach hockey sense, and he obviously has time to improve. But I watched 4gms of Jack Johnson on the Blue Jackets, and he still made 3 or 4 out of position mistakes that cost the Blue Jackets goals. It's not about the drive or the skills, Johnson has the drive and the skills to be a top pairing d-man, but his hockey smarts, decision making, and.....overzealous ability to float of position in his own zone repeatedly throughout his entire career makes me think he'll be nothing more than a d-man that can put up points and be a liability in his own zone, aka poor 2nd pair d-man. I've seen a lot of him, and what he has is possible correctable, but it's something nearly impossible to break given his style of play and decision making.

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