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11-16-2012, 01:22 PM
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For the most part, hockey isn't the primary source of revenue of most owners.

Additionally, an owner can theoretically own a team for dozens of years. A year or two could really pay out in the long run if they get a beneficial CBA.

On the other hand, statistics say that the average NHL player plays 5-6 seasons (obviously stars play longer), so the fact is that losing a single season will most likely never pay off for most NHLers, and I don't buy for a minute that they are doing it for "the kids and future of the NHL". Couple that with the fact that revenues are likely to fall through the floor due to backlash from an extended lockout, and they are going to take an even bigger hit.

I would expect a riot from everyone but the biggest names and biggest salaries if this looked to be heading to two years.

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