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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
How are Lidstrom and Brodeur consistently ranked among the top 5-6 at their position ever being beaten down?
If you factor in the era they played you can have them in the top 3.

What about Niedermayer, how does he rank against guys he played against like Bourque, like Coffey, like MacInnis, like his own teammate, Stevens, like Pronger?

First of all.. you are comparing against the strongest competition ever. Nobody in the 50s-60s faced similar competition also. And frankly Bourque and Coffey were not winning Norrises by the time Nieds hit his prime.

I only used Canadians there btw and Scott is already getting smoked. I didn't even have to mention Fetisov, Chelios, Leetch, or Lidstrom.
Well... in the old days Euros and Americans were also a non-factor.

Are you going to make a case that Scott would have stood out like Orr or Park or Robinson or Potvin if he played in the 70's/80's? Or personally, I wouldn't even take Scott over Salming but that's just me.
I guess he would be 3rd best after Orr and Park. And would have grabbed some Norris trophies without them.

And of course he would look bad in the 80s. Also those guys in the 50-60s wouldn't look as mighty.

Seriously what part of Niedermayer's game stood out to the levels you're talking about?
His defense? I don't think he was better than Lidstrom or Stevens or Bourque or Chelios or even Pronger.
Where I did say that he was better than any of them?

He was a great skater but so was Gartner, so is Bouwmeester.
Yes, Scott Niedermayer was a Jay Bouwmeester who happened to play on the right teams and won everything you can. Lucky version of Bouwmeester so to speak. Now I have seen the light. Thank you.

You pretty much confirmed what I meant that Niedermayer is getting beat down.

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