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11-16-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
The NHL is top heavy. Anything you say about revenues, profits, making more money they did before the lockout, etc, can be applied to a small number of teams (Rangers are one of them) - all of them of the big market variety. Middle of the road teams have seen little changes to their profitability. Smaller market teams have likely been hurt by this last CBA because they're forced to reach a cap floor.

Quit lumping the entire NHL into the argument that the revenue pool is larger. Its a lame, simplistic way of viewing the situation, and its simply not true.

Noone has seen the books, but its not difficult to imagine that the top 5 revenue producing teams have produced the vast majority of the extra revenue produced in the last CBA.
i'm not sure exactly what argument you're trying to make.

the owners are grouped together because they choose to be, just as the players choose to be. regardless of what the bottom tier teams may or may not have received in profits, the money is in the league. profits are at an all time high as a whole. the owners may choose not to share it, but it's there. if they want to keep 30 teams, they should be the ones dealing with the issue of their peers... or they should at least be a piece of it. not "well we think you guys are overpaid despite offering you new contracts in july and august!""

the league was the most profitable it has ever been. the money exists. league needs to find a way to get it-- be it a tax, team removal, or advertising or w/e. it's failed. nuff said... now i need a nap... damn these graveyards. hopefully that came out coherently enough

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