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11-16-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post
Your going by an article which was written with 2 weeks still left in the season?

But again look at the stats I posted as the season wore Miggy got better while Trout started to fade. You don't win a golf tournament on Thursday and Friday you win by doing it the whole weekend and turning it on Sunday and that is what Miggy did.

You can't say Trout is more deserving of the MVP cause he steals more bases or is faster....that is a part of his game that Miggy does not have so good on Trout for using a god given talent.

I can go out and cherry pick stats like the poster did and prove why Miggy is the MVP in a landslide over Trout.
However you have yet to do so.

All Miggy had last season over Trout is hitting, and even that was very similar. Trout on the other hand was a much better fielder then Miggy and his speed allowed him to score much more frequently. Nobody is trying to say Trout is more deserving of the MVP because of his speed, it's just that when the offence is so similar between the two you have to look at the other aspects of the game.

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