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Originally Posted by night-timer
I'm thinking that maybe joggers use devices like this that I can apply to my power skating drills. Any clues?
Those pedometers that jogger and walkers use (at least the cheap ones that I can afford) measure total distance by counting the number of steps you take; you need to program in the length of your stride. I found that I don't always take the same length stride when I go walking for exercise, so I basically drove my truck the course of my walk (man, were those golfers pissed!) to find out how far I was going and divided it by the lenght of time I was gone. Anyway...I don't know how accurate they'd be in measuring skating with the gliding and all. I suppose the best way to measure that is to get up to full steam and have a buddy time you from blueline to blueline. Or, have someone with a bicycle with a speedometer on it ride next to you when you skate.

As for your slapshot, find one of those police radar speed limit signs - the ones that say "Your Speed Is" - and fire one past it and see what it says (I'm sure the cops won't mind if you dent it).

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