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11-16-2012, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Both fine posters, but the argument to authority is goofy (not to mention unsupported here - what are you basing their prospect track record on, exactly?). We're still waiting to rue the day we let Nick Johnson go on waivers.
Hey now, Johnson filled the kind of role for the Wild I pegged him for almost three yrs ago when no one paid him any mind.

Now if we could just get that top six winger you promised was coming at the deadline...

He did have a good stick for the most part, but I thought he put himself in poor checking position pretty regularly. That play where he got knocked down by Kapustin leading to a goal against left me wondering how he thought he'd have enough leverage to accomplish anything.
I'd rather see him make an attempt to body his man off the puck and learn from it, than to play off. It takes confidence to try and make those plays, so I'm not going to get too upset when it happens.

I just disagree here. Pouliot looked to be pushed around quite a bit in the corners, and lost more than he won in the 1-on-1s.
Definitely couldn't disagree more.

Sure, the goal-scorer came in unchecked, but Rielly or Pouliot could've stepped up. Instead they stood there like deer in headlights (albeit they were left flatfooted).
They shouldn't be pursuing the late man, you stay at home in a situation like that and let your pivot pick up his assignment. Instead he chased the post... Why? DP had it covered already.

No coach would put that goal on DP or Rielly.

But there's really no reason for him to be bouncing off his man. He's a weaker guy who took a bad angle to make awkward contact in a dangerous part of the ice, and it led to the goal against.
He took a beautiful angle, chest to hip, and got tossed. That's hockey. Sometimes the other guy is stronger.

None of us will dispute he needs to get stronger, but that is something I will worry about in three years if there is no improvement.

Ehh, we're not on the same page here. At all.

Pouliot wasn't blindly sending pucks up the middle like Rielly, but his lack of urgency and strength in his own end made him give up the puck more than a few times.
I saw exactly one turnover when he had puck possession. If you want to fault him for turnovers on 50/50 pucks, that isn't an accurate way of defining puck mgmt in my books. To each their own.

Rielly was a lot more risk/reward, and he got burned by it last night. You could see the dynamism he brings even in a bad game though, ie that double toe-drag.
I just call it poor puck management. You call it risk/reward.

DP was hitting the tape all night and breaking the puck out of his zone quite efficiently and Rielly wasn't.

Unfortunately the W fwds decided to take the night off, so we didn't get to see their offensive dynamics come into play more often or you know, help their blueline out much.

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