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Originally Posted by Stylizer1 View Post
How are Palestinians causing so much damage? With mortars? What weapons could they really have to threaten Israel so much?
They have missiles imported from Iran, Libya, Lebanon, and Egypt, they also build their own (but most of these are only capable of hitting South Israel). The missiles that made it all the way to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are missiles such as the Fajr-5.

But in the latest round of the conflict the Palestinians have used a weapon which gives them a rare if short-lived advantage – a rocket which can strike at Israel's civilian heartland. This is the Fajr-5, developed by Iran and also supplied to Hezbollah, Tehran's Lebanese ally. It has a range of up to 46.6 miles (75km), which means it can hit Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the heavily populated conurbation in central Israel.

It was striking that Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, singled out the Iranian-made weapon in a speech in Beirut on Thursday. "The firing of Fajr-5 rockets on Tel Aviv shows the maturation, the wisdom and strength, and the courage of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip," he said. "The Israeli enemy was surprised and forced to acknowledge that its capital had been hit."

Exactly how the Fajr-5 reached Gaza is not known. But its parts were probably smuggled in through the tunnels that link the blockaded enclave to the outside world. In October 2011 international observers in Sinai reported that one had been test-fired in the desert.

They also have anti-aircraft missiles such as the SA-7, which is probably what brought down that F-16 today.

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