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Originally Posted by slip View Post
Look, I actually respect your opinions, and I wish to avoid acrimony, but you'll never convince me that several million Palestinians living under a harsh military occupation for the past 45 years are not "victims."

Again, this idea that "both sides are to blame" ignores the overwhelming disparity in power between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance, as well as the clear cut moral difference between "occupier" and "occupied."
They are "victims" of the poor and evil decisions of their fathers and leaders.

-3 wars of aggression 1948, 1967, 1973 initiated by Arabs, won by Israel.
-Various Palestinian insurgent/terrorist campaigns against Israel 1969-2005 which resulted in the Palestinian Arabs becoming unwelcome in Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon.
-Regional Arab leaders' unwillingness to resettle initial refugees in their nations, keeping them in permanent refugee status (abetted by the UN), and denying later generations born on their soil even basic citizendship.

Now those are events of the past, but since the Arabs came out the losers of all of they explain their current predicament. Of course if the Arabs had managed to actually win one of these military events (and they came close in all 3 open wars), the Jewish state would no longer exist so you can't say the possible spoils were one sided, only the eventual results were.

Now moving into more productive issues of the present. Peace could be achieved tomorrow if:

-Palestinian factions acknowledge the Jewish state's right to exist and remove constitutions/charters with wording dedicated to destruction of Jewish state.
-Renounciation of all violence against Israel and disarmament of Gaza/West Bank.
-Strict discipline of any Palestinian militants who fail to adhere to the above, so all violent plotting against Israel ends.

I guarantee you if they did that, Israel would reciprocate by relaxing commercial and travel restrictions they currently impose for their security, and the Arabs of these territories could engage fully in productive enterprise while both sides work towards a new final sovereign agreement.

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