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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Long post
There is just so much wrong in this post.

It's great that the Marlins were able to move all that money, but that money was tied up to good players, who were performing. These were not deadweight players. Instead of deciding to build around those players further, they blew it up, to no surprise to me.

The Marlins may have saved a bunch of money, but they have also alienated their fanbase permanently. And what's the goal here, to make profits or to win? These moves do nothing to help the team win, and it likely damages the future prospect of that ever happening again as long as Loria is still the owner. Loria will still make his fistful of cash, but at what cost?

The players the Blue Jays are acquiring may be overpaid, but they are still good to great players. You can't seem to grasp this concept. They will actually help the team win a lot more games than they did last season. I can't possibly see what weird perspective you're looking at this through.

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