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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I don't think his nationality is a strike against him. The SM-liiga is a solid league, but the NHL pays WAY better and is just a much bigger deal, teams are not scared at all that a Finn could develop into a good player and still not come over. It's really only a concern with Russians, since the KHL is a pretty strong competitor, and since the culture difference is greater between North America and Russia than it is between North America and Finland or Sweden.

People often ask "what does so and so have to do to be drafted first overall," but I think it's more about tools/ability. I think Barkov will certainly get some consideration at 1st overall, along with a good number of other prospects, but I don't see him going above MacKinnon. MacKinnon is just so much more dynamic, so explosive and dangerous, while also playing a pretty complete game. MacKinnon's upside just seems higher to me. Love them both, though.
Agreed. Also Barkov does not have the "in-your-face" type of star quality aura around him like for example AO, Kovalchuk, Sid, Malkin and Stamkos had/have. Those guys were just destined to be huge stars and you noticed them in every shift. Mackinnon definately has that ability and he is going to be a star offensive player in NHL.

Barkovīs style is more "quiet" and he does not always stand out if you dont pay attention to him. The only way I see Sasha going #1 is that he flat out dominates WJC/outplays every undrafted prospect+finishes point/game in SM-liiga+plays in the World championships in the next spring. Its possible but not very likely. I think that Barkov is just happy if gets chosen 3-5th in this draft, less pressure and attention.

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