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11-16-2012, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
He is simply not as skilled a player overall. Before being teamed with the Sedins, Burrows was still a pretty highly relied-upon checker, playing 15:06 per game. McClelland was a career 9.34 minute player, topping out at 11.8 in the 1985 season.
On the Oilers checking line. We all know hw much they cared about defense. This is getting pretty tiresome. Burrows was an energy player his first two seasons, then hes paired with Kesler and suddenly becomes a defensive stalwart and when he gets on Sedins line he becomes an offensive guy.

Do you honestly not see the pattern? He's speed and physicallity with a bit of goalscoring touch.

Iím seeing 61%. Anyway, thatís pretty low, isnít it? Much lower than any of us would have guessed.

And isnít playing against better defensive players in Burrowsí favour? Sounds like youíre somehow using it against him.
I was talking about the regular season as playoffs is usually a different kind of beast specially when it comes to glue guys.

No its not in favour for Burrows as he is usually pretty free on the ice (something which Sedins former partners also were) Sedins draw men away from Burrows.

and its not like he is searching for open areas the team simply focuses on the stars liek Sedins or Kesler leaving Burrows available.

Iím not sure what the point of that is. That seems to highlight the value of glue guys like Burrows. It looks really good for him, from what I can see.
Yes it promotes the value of any glue guy. What the point is? I thought that was pretty obvious. He is 20-30% better with the Sedins and in hockey thats quite a lot (in one season it was even an 80% boost).

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