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11-16-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Hey now, Johnson filled the kind of role for the Wild I pegged him for almost three yrs ago when no one paid him any mind.
We already had and have better players in top 9 roles, though, which makes his loss completely understandable and unremarkable.

Now if we could just get that top six winger you promised was coming at the deadline...
If only! But I should probably stick to what I can see and evaluate firsthand rather than predicting what Shero will do based on what he should do.

For the record, I think you're as good a prospect guy as any around here.

I'd rather see him make an attempt to body his man off the puck and learn from it, than to play off. It takes confidence to try and make those plays, so I'm not going to get too upset when it happens.
He doesn't need to play off, just push him with decent leverage or tie him up without trying to go for an all-or-nothing hit. I don't want to micro-analyze too much, but he obviously needs some refinements.

They shouldn't be pursuing the late man, you stay at home in a situation like that and let your pivot pick up his assignment. Instead he chased the post... Why? DP had it covered already.
Well, I don't think the the pivot was in any position at that point to check his man effectively. As a result, the guy just walked in on a couple static defensemen and sniped one.

He took a beautiful angle, chest to hip, and got tossed. That's hockey. Sometimes the other guy is stronger.
Nah man. He was skating with Kapustin facing his own net without the wide base necessary to body a guy off the puck, so he lost his balance and the puck ended up in his net. It's right here in the Adam Lowry vid at :58:

You're never going to muscle anyone off the puck with that base. Ever.

None of us will dispute he needs to get stronger, but that is something I will worry about in three years if there is no improvement.
It's correctable, for sure.

I just call it poor puck management. You call it risk/reward.

DP was hitting the tape all night and breaking the puck out of his zone quite efficiently and Rielly wasn't.

Unfortunately the W fwds decided to take the night off, so we didn't get to see their offensive dynamics come into play more often or you know, help their blueline out much.
Pouliot's transition game once he had a little space was good last night (he was very good on the PP too), my problems were with his strength, defensive postures, and puck management under pressure. For the record, he looked like he managed the puck very well in the game I went to between Portland and Brandon, but the Russians are obviously a step up and they were forechecking hard yesterday.

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