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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
If I am not mistaken, players got paid more than their contracts were worth last season.

I'm a big fan of the 'make whole' proponent, but only so far as it ensures players will not be paid very much less than their contracts or very much more than their contracts. Never made much sense to me that a guy could sign for 2mil and get 1.85mil or 2.15mil when he signed for 2mil. Nowhere else in the world can a regular Joe go to work and get that kind of increase in their day-day/yearly salary unless they own stock in the company and even then, that's not really your negotiated salary but something else altogether.
Actually, my salary in an engineering department works like that, all of us have it. I have a fixed base salary of X, then another bit that pays out between 0 and .2 * X based on company performance (usually pays out at .1 - .15). some people don't have this, some have .05, my reports go up to .1 * X their salaries, as you go up the organization you'll see .3 to .5 based on company and department performance.

It gives the company flexibility in bad times (preventing layoffs from short term hiccups) and I'm rewarded when it does well too. Win-win in the long run. I think the escrow system is too.

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