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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Q has guys who can actually finish....O has guys who can skate and play a good 2-way game.. DUB has guys who are BIG and hit but are slow,lack hockey sense, can't finish, can read and play D + the most overhyped "FAB %" on D that I have ever seen... DUB has no godd goalies BECAUSE they face no good shooters...Q goalies over-rated ...O has goalies who actually can stop pucks.

DUB is the most physical league--BUT they are DUMB and get caught out of position after going out of their way just to make a hit ..ALL this energy in hitting ALSO leads to stupid penalties because they go overboard (hitting from behind etc..) AND also exposing them to transition rushes back the other way against less than the equired defense (because they were caught up ice making the hit)...all this hiting also tires them out for easy fodder scoring by oppnents in the 3rd period..THe DUB--BIG,SLOW ,TOUGh but DUMB...

THE O --smart 2-way hockey and good goaltending .
More NHL-like...

THE Q-- Skill and finishing ability,smart puck movement . Not physical enough overall.
Over-rated goalies..

I think this sums up the leagues quite well.

Recently we see the USHL dominate CANADA EAST and CANADA WEST at the WORLD JR. A CHALLENGE tournament...Obviously the USHL is better than the JR. A leagues (NON Major Junior) in the West and East of Canada ..MAYBE if you combined the Canada entiy into one team it could do better against these USHL selects BUT i suspect not.

I Think that the USHL selects could compete against a DUB,Q ,or O all-star squad from each league--bUT that overal the depth is better in the 3 CHL leagues such that if you made up 2nd all-star teams from each of the 3 CHL leagues those teams would crush any 2nd all star selects team from the USHL ..In other words the best 25USHL players are equal to the best 25 of each of the 3 cHL leagues --but after that the USHL quality drops off sharply in comparison.. something along those lines..

Might I ask where you live?

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