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11-16-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
Ferraro is the same genius who gave us the Patrick Stefan quote. Hardly a good source.

He's certainly above the average Junior skater, but it's not like he's head and shoulders better than, say, Murray or Murphy. Of the NHL skaters, I don't think he quite matches up to someone like Karlsson, or even Fowler. He seems closer to Campbell's skating than he does Coffey.

I'm not saying Rielly isn't a terrific skater. He is, and he should only get better, but to compare him to Coffey he had better look like the best skater in the world, IMO. I think McKenzie is being overly generous with a comparison like that.
Well, first of all, from what I saw, Rielly is way more dynamic in his skating than Murray. And I am certain Rielly has a faster acceleration than Murphy. I don't know how you can accurately measure skating styles from just watching a junior game and trying to compare it to an NHL game. I watched Fowler a lot in Junior, and Rielly is more of a dynamic skater than he was at that level. But then again, we are talking about junior hockey.

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