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11-16-2012, 03:03 PM
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I'm just going to state my mind on the whole Murray Rielly argument.

First off, in order to understand what makes Murray so good defensively you have to see the game at a different level. I understand Rielly takes away passing lanes, but there's more to the defensive side of the game.

Murray does these things SO much better than Rielly: Reads the play defensively (insanely high IQ), never loses a man in coverage, and UNBELIEVABLE POISE(What I mean by this is when you watch murray, watch him under-pressure with the puck, 95% of the time he makes the best possible play. Rielly is a ****ing good prospect, believe me. The way he moves the puck, skates with the puck is something Leaf fans should be thrilled about. But just because someone has an opinion doesn't mean it's a slight against your player.

In my honest opinion, Murray is the best D prospect. Great passing, fluid skater, and an amazing defensive game. I'd love if he stayed with the Silvertips this whole season so he could be the go to offensive guy and take that aspect of his game to a whole new level.

As for Rielly, possibly one of the more dynamic D prospects I've seen in a while. It's a shame he wasn't on his game yesterday because he's such a treat to watch. Yes, I admit he's good at reading the play, put his defensive game isn't there YET. But that's ok, not all guys have to be two way guys. What Rielly brings can't be taught and Leaf fans should be thrilled about having him. When was the last time other fan bases gave so much props to Rielly?

Overall though, Murray isn't underrated. It's just he does the little things that make a team effective.

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