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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
It's time to look at this objectively here! Has Burke in 4 years brought in a legit goalie? No Has he improved the team in the standings? No Has he brought in grit/defensive acumen to the bottom 6? No Has he lived up to his promise 4 years ago about the leafs being a "meaner, badder, tougher team to play against"? No

Yes he has beefed up the Marlies, but even then that team is littered with bottom 6'ers, guys who can't hack the NHL (Dupuis), and mid ranged pairing defencmen. I'll give him credit he has brought in some good pieces (Phaneuf, Kessel, Gardiner, Lupul) but at the end of the day this team is not much if at all better then what it was 5 years ago.
The problem is too many people, probably because of a faulty educational system, see the world as "did he do this or did he not" instead of "why did he or did he not do this". Add in impatience from the current generation and we get anti-Burke tantrums. Context is everything.

Also, yes, Burke has brought in goalies. Standings are meaningless for a rebuilding team, and he has given us stretches (including majority of seasons) better than anything we have seen post-lockout. We have more than bottom-6ers as prospects. And the funny thing is, you name these top players that Burke has acquired, and then say "Where are the bottom-6 tough guys?", and then bash on the bottom-6 tough guys that we have in the system. Burke never promised an instantly tougher team, but he has made strides through our prospects. Also, Dupuis is not on the Marlies anymore.

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