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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
... you honestly think Kadri would have been served better by going straight into the NHL as a pencil thin 18 year old who didn't know which side of the rink was the defensive side?
<Hehe, I was waiting for this. I apolgize in advance for rambling>

The NHL preseason after Kadri was drafted Kadri was one of the top players on that team, and he was playing with NHL players like Hagman and Kaberle and was producing. He had one of the best plus minuses on the team and he looked like he fit in as one of the top players (Hence all the hype around him). Then Toronto decided to send him back to London.

Once in London, Kadri learned to be the 'go to guy' I couldn't tell you the number of times I saw London's strategy of the London defense handing the puck to Kadri and him taking up on a solo mission through the whole team (they even made him point man on the powerplay so he could take it up). Especially in the playoff series with Guelph, London strategy was basically give it to Kadri and watch him dangle. So all this talk about turnovers and defensive plays came from the fact that he was counted on to be the main guy bringing the puck upthe ice in London. Now he holds onto it far too long, he tries to dangle when he shouldn't.... I think all these cracks that appears in his game came from that situation. I'm pretty sure confidence was damaged too. Although he played well enough to earn a spot on that team in the preseason which (all things considered, wasn't a good team), they sent him down and now he hasn't had a chance to even complete a full year in the league.

So yes, I'd say keeping him up on a team that wasn't good anyway and let him learn the aches of a full NHL season may have beenthe better decision.

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