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11-16-2012, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Gallatin View Post
The NHL as laughingstock goes back into infinity dude. It was even worse when I started following the sport back in 1980.
That's why you pay a man 8m to shed that label, not increase it tenfold.

Goodenow was a militant reactionary at the head of the PA in 2004. Losing a season then to get a cap was practically inevitable. And this time Bettman is up against Fehr, who might be just as bad.
The NBA and NFL instituted cap systems without losing a season, and Upshaw made Fehr look like a *****cat. He had the NFL in court over and over and hounded them with litigation for yrs and the players strike in '87.

Tagliabue stepped into that god awful ****** mess in '89 and saw the league lose the Plan B case, then White's subsequent litigation the following year, but PT found a way to get a fair CBA drawn that included a cap, without missing a single game.

He walked into a completely ****ed up situation and turned it into a peaceful CBA that lasted for 15 yrs.

I also dislike Goodell, but he is a good leader. He made a big mistake with the refs and rectified it. However, Bettman refuses to take accountability or put his ego aside for the good of the league. Now he wants a two week break? He is an atrocious leader...

It's sad the NFL has had two good commisoners who get things done, while we suffer with the incompetence of Bettman.

Phoenix does look like a mess I grant you. What's the deal with Spano?

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