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11-16-2012, 03:34 PM
Ugene Malkin
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Here's a hint.

While the organization may turn a profit how much money did the owners fork out in signing bonuses and many other ventures that don't show up on the organizations running costs. That will only show up under the actual owners personal financial.

People seem to forget that they use their own money to front these ventures.

That statement saying that the Panthers showed a profit of 117.4 over "14 SEASONS" is 8.3 average an easy number to get twisted around when all the parameters are not present all together.

Ya, he might be showing a profit of 8.3, but he poured 10.2 of his own money to cover costs, including players salaries, bonuses and so on.

They basically front up the money to cover the costs of the business.

I'm sure it could be told in a better way than I have.

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