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11-16-2012, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
Well said. I may wish for different decisions at times but its the kids future and they have all the info. no need for slamming the kid.
I don't think the chance of him showing up this year was that great anyway. I think the plan ( if he does show) was for next year. Wouldn't it have cost 50k for a release? I could be wrong.
Oh come on, nobody is 'slamming' the kid. Enough with the bleeding hearts. So sue me for wanting him in our lineup. My opinion is that he is making the wrong decision. But my opinion could be wrong, and as stated before "to each their own".
You are correct on both fronts; he wasn't expected this year (its next, and even less now that he signed his letter of intent), and yes it is 50k.

My reasoning for thinking he is not making the best decision is he is going to play 38games + playoffs for a NCAA college vs 68games + playoffs in the OHL. One might suggest that if you add the fact that the OHL experience would be with the Hunters, it would be tough to argue that based on HOCKEY alone, he is making the right decision. But who knows, maybe he wants to be a doctor or whatever you guys do for a living
But as they saying goes "to each their own".

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