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Originally Posted by PeterSidorkiewicz View Post
Aha, so they want to make a lot of profit, and also see their franchise value's skyrocket.

On another topic, with the NHL's tactics and arrogant attitude for most of these CBA negotiations, I assume that "partnership" BS rhetoric Bettman spewed after the last CBA has been thrown out the window?

I'm sorry, but actually reading the mass amounts of hate on the NHLPA in this thread I cannot help but play devils advocate a little bit. To be honest after being a fan since 93, I'm tired of all this BS from both sides, and can't believe I'm still investing time following this lockout a little bit, although not nearly as much as the previous one.

As someone who is sick of it all and doesn't have a "side" in the matter and just wants something done, I just can't wrap my head around so much vitriol at the PA, without the least bit of the same thrown at the NHL, especially after their horrible negotiating tactics and strategy this entire lockout. And I'm not saying the PA has been great at its tactics either, but sheesh everything in this thread is directed at them specifically.
I'd have to agree. The PA is getting the most amount of criticism in these negotiations. I've been of the mind that both sides share blame here and playing games with one another. I don't pick up for PA side enough but I can only speak for myself when I say that the players getting publicly involved and reiterating spinning tales to make themselves look better is a point I choose not to ignore and when I've come to enjoy picking them apart for it. I dont hate these guys in the least nor do I think less of them but it's astounding how so many of them behave hypocrisy for their own cause and then act like they're educating the fans. I again can't speak for others but if the owners were allowed to unleash in the same manner as the players, I feel confident in saying that my post count would be double what it is currently.

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