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11-16-2012, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26 View Post
If Melky has the kind of season he has last year and his OBP is up around .390, you are correct. He has to hit in the two hole.

However, looking at the last couple of years, it wouldn't surprise me if Melky and Bonifacio are relatively similar in OBP.

If it is comparable, it only makes sense to have Bonifacio in the two hole with his superior speed/base stealing ability and Melky in the five hole with his superior SLG.
That OBP was mostly BA driven. He's not a big walker but he is a guy that makes plenty of contact and can hit for average. I would expect him to hit .280-.300 with .330 OBP or so and perhaps 15 HR with average defense in LF. Could see his power going up a little playing in RC but we'll see.

A huge upgrade over Thames/Davis and whatever else they were trolling (no, not trotting, they were trolling!) last season.

Jays have really become a solid balanced team that will rely on OBP and speed game while maintaining their power.

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