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Originally Posted by CeeLoBlue View Post
This is going to be an extremely long ass rant, just a warning . It's funny how people are still bitter about Sundin. There is nothing at all that could make sense to hate on the guy. There are so many arguments FOR Sundin as opposed to against him. Those who think Sundin ****ed us over literally do not see professional athletes as human beings. They must do everything to please us as fans and leave nothing on the table for themselves. As soon as he thinks about doing something that can benefit him, he's an ***. What a total ****ing joke.

First of all, we were not going to get ANYTHING of substantial worth for a 36/37 year old guy who basically was going to retire in a year. 80% of you on this board don't want to give up, for a 33 year old elite goalie in Luongo, ANYTHING of substantial worth and you think that we were going to get something that could've changed the future of this team for a considerably older and washed up Mats Sundin?

Secondly, him not waiving his NTC was his right. He fully deserved that no trade clause. Haven't you ever considered that you always try to keep your star players? It certainly doesn't hurt to have a HoF #1 centerman holding your team together. In terms of the Muskoka 5, the only one that could have garnered anything back was McCabe (or Kubina), and in the end, all he got us was Mike Van Ryn and a pick. Real big return. Why doesn't anyone ever blame Kaberle for saying no to that potential Carter + 1st for Kabs trade? (not suggesting Kabs is an ***, loved him, but that trade would've gave us a "DAMN SON" return). Each one of the Muskoka 5 could take the blame for this, but it seems like Sundin's the perfect scapegoat. Give me a break. The NTC was given to him by JFJ, if you absolutely need to blame someone (don't even get why you have to), wouldn't you look at the guy who gave it to him first?

3rd, you say he didn't accomplish anything with this team. A Stanley Cup requires a team, not one player. When he's the only forward that was considered anything close to elite on this team from the 2000s onward, you know the GM's the one to look at. Who was ever close to Sundin's level of play that got paired with him? One single season of Alex Mogilny. All those "all-stars" that we got were way past their primes and looking to just have their name in the Leaf history books. As someone else pointed out, when your 2nd and 3rd best scorers are defenseman, you know there's a problem with this team. You put Ovechkin on this team with those people and we still don't get into the playoffs.

4th It's not like Sundin went, nope, I hate you guys so I'm going to stay here. He had a life in Toronto, and given he had the full right to not want to completely relocate himself, he did just that. Also, Sundin wanted to stay, but Burke said no. Of course, he could have retired then and I think most people would've preferred that over him going to the Canucks, but he clearly felt he still had something in the tank. If you're offered 10 million to play for a team that could potentially win the Cup after you were kicked to the curb by the team you wanted to stay on and have been playing for the last 13 years, I think I'd go too.

The handful of you who think Sundin ****ed us over are bitter over nothing. You can't even prove to us how he ****ed us over. All you "fans" who think Sundin ****ed us over probably don't think consider him anything close to being as human as we are. Burke was not interested in bringing him back at all. When the team you want doesn't want you, you go for the next best thing. I'm more surprised he still respects us as opposed to treating us the same way Dave Keon does. We really didn't deserve to have a guy like Mats Sundin represent the blue and white for 13 years if the only thing you can remember is him leaving in a way that really wasn't all that bad as the way you make it out to be.
Wow you were right, that WAS an extremely long arsed rant. The best i can say about that post, is thank god for spell check. Shack23 gets flamed for making a Sundin - Doan comparison. And you find it prudent to make a Sundin - Ovechkin comparison ? Epic fail

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