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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
The problem is too many people, probably because of a faulty educational system, see the world as "did he do this or did he not" instead of "why did he or did he not do this". Add in impatience from the current generation and we get anti-Burke tantrums. Context is everything.

Also, yes, Burke has brought in goalies. Standings are meaningless for a rebuilding team, and he has given us stretches (including majority of seasons) better than anything we have seen post-lockout. We have more than bottom-6ers as prospects. And the funny thing is, you name these top players that Burke has acquired, and then say "Where are the bottom-6 tough guys?", and then bash on the bottom-6 tough guys that we have in the system. Burke never promised an instantly tougher team, but he has made strides through our prospects. Also, Dupuis is not on the Marlies anymore.
- I never denied he HASN"T brought in goalies, my argument is that he hasn't done his research IMO and the starting goalies he HAS broughten in have flopped miserably, this has been a pattern with Burke dating back to his GM days with Vancouver. I never said we had to be a playoff contending team but come on lets be honest here the season before Burke took over we were slightly better then a lottery team and 4 years into his tenure we are an actual lottery team, we have actually regressed instead of improving. As for prospects the only top 6 forwards he has are Kadri and possibly Colborne, that is ALL he has to show for since he took over in 08, that is really pathetic IMO.

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