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11-16-2012, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Honestly, the only stat that should matter is the number of pts. Goal differentials, OTL, etc doesnt really matter how you get into the playoffs really. So long as you have more than the normal 92 pts, thats what is a playoff contender in my view. The Panthers are coming off a 94 pt season and I see zero reason why they cant reproduce that again...I've given plenty of reason why too.
In terms of reaching the playoffs, points are indeed the only stat that matters (until you hit tie-breakers). In terms of predicting which teams will be good in future games (ie, what's happening right now), previous years' point totals aren't a great indicator. That's where these other stats can become very useful.

And of course you see zero reason, you're a Panthers fan/homer. I saw zero reason why the Capitals couldn't reproduce their 1st place seasons of 2010 and 2011 in 2012, but that obviously didn't work out that way. I believe the Baltimore Orioles can reach the playoffs again next year, but if you ask a neutral observer they're not going to give us nearly as good odds. It took what was essentially a "perfect storm" for the Panthers to reach 94 points the first time. Virtually none of the Panthers key players suffered a long term injury or down season, and multiple set new career highs. When Scotti Upshall is the most significant injury a team suffers, most teams would consider that a pretty darn healthy season. The odds are against having another season where all the key players play at their peak level and avoid significant injuries.

The Panthers absolutely have a great prospect pool. But prospects are prospects. You can't assume they're all going to pan out at the NHL level, especially not in their first season in the league. Edmonton has had some awesome prospects for the past few years, yet they keep ending up picking #1 overall. The Panthers should eventually be a better team, but I don't buy it happening in this upcoming season.

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