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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
- I never denied he HASN"T brought in goalies, my argument is that he hasn't done his research IMO and the starting goalies he HAS broughten in have flopped miserably, this has been a pattern with Burke dating back to his GM days with Vancouver. I never said we had to be a playoff contending team but come on lets be honest here the season before Burke took over we were slightly better then a lottery team and 4 years into his tenure we are an actual lottery team, we have actually regressed instead of improving. As for prospects the only top 6 forwards he has are Kadri and possibly Colborne, that is ALL he has to show for since he took over in 08, that is really pathetic IMO.
Finding a great goalie isn't just walking into a mall and picking it off the shelf after looking up customer reviews. It takes a lot of time, luck, and other people to work with. His lack of goalie success is not for lack of trying. He has tried a number of goalies.

Unfortunately, a lot of those goalies spent a lot of time injured.

You can't just say "yeah, well look what we did in 2008 and what we did this past year". Fact is, that 2008 team is not an option in 2012. People age, and our top players were either close to retirement or on the decline (and had NTC no less). Now our top players with more skill are just entering their primes and we have a deeper prospect pool.

Standings are also very variable from year to year, and can be impacted by so many things. Two teams of wildly different skill and potential can place the same in the standings in any given year, and identical teams can place in different places in the standings.

Kadri and Colborne are not our only top-6 forward prospects, and our top-6 is relatively full of young players already anyway. Bottom-6 players can have a huge impact in a game too, so I'm not sure why you are putting them down.

Not sure why you completely ignored our goalie prospects and our strongest position, defensive prospects, either.

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