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11-16-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
Those bonuses come straight out of the owners pockets. How do you account for the 26.0 that Shea Weber is receiving over four years as a signing bonus? Even though it counts against the cap that is not a true salary being paid. That comes straight out of the owners pockets. His actual salary for those four seasons are 1.0 but his cap hit is 7.857. 14.0 salary with 13.0 of it being a signing bonus. They had to pay him this signing bonus even though there's a lockout going on.

It can't be hard to figure out that the way the owners do their business is more complicated than just A + B = profit. There's A + B - C = ?
That is salary. The NHL doesn't allow true signing bonuses for most contracts. So teams front load deals and call them signing bonuses. It's just a trick to get around the CBA.

Do you actually think the money calls to handle the frontloading of his contract aren't repaid to their investors? That all is accrued on the hockey side for write offs.

Rookie and 35+ bonuses are all accrued on the hockey side and factored into hockey related expenses.

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