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11-16-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
As a Devils fan... would you watch a Champions League tournament even if the Devils do not participate. Honestly I think the best teams to represent America *(if we use 4 NHL teams, 2 US and 2 Canadian) would have to be any of the following...

1) Detroit- Hockeytown..
2) Boston... North East is truly hockey mecca in USA
3) New York Rangers- Exciting young team that proves that when there good, NHL ratings go up. 94 and 2012.
4) Minnesota Wild- Hockey state
5) LA Kings- NHL champions
No way. The NHL teams chosen should be teams that deserve to be there. I would send 2-4 of the ECF/WCF finalists, and then throw in a Canadian team or two. Even any team that made the playoff would be better than choosing based on markets or other non-factors.

The idea of a champions league is to put the best against the best, not a popularity contest.

If there were a Champions League, I would probably choose LA & NJ (both finalists), then NYR or Phx & the top Canadian team according to playoffs/standings (don't remember who it is).

And of course I would watch if the Devils didn't play. I watch the Winter Classic & SCF like its a religion every year.

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