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- I agree that its not 1-2-3 easy to get a legit goalie, they are hard to come by. But lets be honest Burke has a had a poor history of judging his goalies all the way back to Vancouver (Cloutier anyone?) and the only goalie he lucked out on was Hiller to an extent.
I really don't care what you think about his past goalies. What is important is what he has done for the Leafs, and that includes trying like 9 goalies, including a former Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup winner (one of his so-called "terrible" past goalies), a rookie coming off one of the most spectacular half-seasons in recent memory, and an SEL record-setter that was pursued by over half the league.

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- Gus had a heart condition which Burke known or should have known about when courting after him. Giguere has a had a lengthy history of groin problems something which Burke WAS aware of when he traded for him as well back in 2010. Even though Burke didnt draft Riemer, he knew of his concussion history dating back to juniour leagues yet he elected to bump Giguere (not that Giggy was overly healthy either) in favour of a high prone injury risk in Riemer..... see a pattern here?
Gustavsson had a heart condition that was supposed to be over and done with. Wasn't even who I was talking about though. Giguere had groin concerns, but they were supposed to be better when he came over. Most goalies these days have groin concerns. Giguere had 2 injured seasons here, and then went off to another team and had a healthy, great year, so it's not like he was run and done. Riemer is not injury prone, and his injury was a result of an in-game action that would have led to the same result for anybody. Toskala also went through a number of injury problems in his time here.

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- Umm yes they are at this point. Our top 6 is young? Umm try again.... Lupul is 30, Grabo turns 29 this year, Kulemin is 27 (prime), Kessel 24 (pushing prime years), Bozak 26 (prime), Mac 27 (prime). While are players aren't aging dinosaurs they aren't overly young either, our top 6 is basically at their peak translation for these should be THEIR best years.
At the time when we last saw these players play, Kessel was 24, Lupul was 28, Grabovski was 28, Phaneuf was 26, Gardiner was 21, Kulemin was 25, and JVR was 22. Not to mention Reimer who was 23. They have plenty of years left to contribute, and they are significant assets.

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