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11-16-2012, 04:37 PM
Failures Of Fenwick
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Originally Posted by DarthYenik View Post
The thing that pisses me off is that these old farts and people that can't do 1st grade math that are claiming that you need a obscure stats to make Trout's case for MVP. And then they make it about old school stats vs new school stats, but they call it them vs "Stat geeks". They make it about something that's not what it should be. It should be who is the best player, but just like politics they choose a party and pick their poster boy. It hurts the game way more than OPS and WAR.
What's funny is simply watching the games you can see who the better player is. Cabrera hits for more power, that's the only thing he does better.....i hate these idiots putting so much weight into RBI, FFS if Trout batted 3rd or 4th he'd be driving in 100+ easily

I view these old guys like the neo cons where they refuse to adapt and accept reality. WAR is not obscure, WAR is probably the best single stat to evaluate a player because it takes so much into consideration......meh whatever, I was reading an interview Trout did, and he felt he should win the MVP, that tells me he is going to have a great winter because he's going to feel like he got robbed.

I say .340/.410/.600 with 70 steals next year for him

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