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11-16-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducks DVM View Post
Two main takeaway thoughts for me.

One - the journalists have no idea what they're talking about regarding which owners are doing what. We have one report insisting it's the small markets running the hard line show right now then this guy says its all the large markets are running the show. They can't both be right.

Two - the "send all the teams to Canada, profit" crowd needs to read the analysis about how Winnipeg made "not very much" profit, with the league's 25th highest salary, that they expect to be the largest they ever make, and will eventually be reduced to losing money and/or losing all their star players.
I agree that there is a lot of "confusion" as to who is driving the lockout from the owner's side.

However, I would not buy too much into the "Winnipeg did not make very much last year" talk. I think Winnipeg did more than just ok last year....

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