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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
I was listening to Burke yesterday on the radio, and he seemed so excited about the bold trade AA pulled off this week.

The Jays very significantly added to their payroll. While there's no cap in baseball, Burke are been very quiet in terms of going after the big names and handing out massive contracts. With the Leafs looking at a great cap situation going into next summer, could he finally be bold and go after the top UFA's? The Leafs have more than enough money to offer massive signing bonuses to the top UFA's to give them the best contract offers.
When have you known Burke to be afraid of making the big bold move?

Burke has spent to the cap every single year he has been here.

Richards was heavily rumoured to be going to New York for a number of reasons (Torts, liked the city, etc.) and to me it seems he was only using Calgary and Toronto to drive up his asking price. Burke did offer him a very generous contract but one that made sense for the Leafs. The Richards deal looked good this past season but it has 5 more significant paying years on it which will take him to 37 years of age then 3 retirement years. There is a high chance his play heavily declines to the point where he is heavily overpaid during the high salary years.

There is also the factor of the new CBA not being figured out.

Suter and Parise were also heavily rumoured to be going back to their home state of Minny along. What makes you think they'd have come to Toronto? You can't honestly have expected Burke to top the contract they received.

Burke also was heavily rumoured to have offered Brodeur the most money on a 2 year deal last off-season.

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