Thread: GDT: Lockout Thread II
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11-16-2012, 04:54 PM
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I'm starting to believe Gary Betman is an idiot. In the midst of a conversation with Mike Russo Betman says "I watched Craig Leopold sit accross from Donald and tell him the the contract process is broken. His conviction was exemplary".

Does this guy think about what he is about to say? Craig leopold is the same guy that in one day gave two 13 year contracts for insane money. No wonder Ryan Sutter essentially called his new boss a snake and a hypocrite a month after he was signed.

Bettman is also the same guy that for the last year has been throwing around "record revenue" to every fan and media source who will listen or print. He has been so proud to pimp himself and the league. Fact is there is no such thing as record revenues. Every company continues to grow or they close. If you don't grow you close, because large corperations bank on increased revnue and spend in accordance in order to build. Fast forward a year and everything he's been saying has been lawyer speak and shifty words in order to trick people into a false sense a satisfaction in the sport. the guy didn't realize that obviously the NHLPA would call him on this stuff.

Have you ever heard any sport parade words like record revenue around? Never. because the oher sports don't need to lie or manipulate people into believing their success. They also know that those words will bite you in the ass.

Now Bettman is telling Russo that the NHLPA needs a couple weeks to rethink their stance. Obviously this is a power play and betman knows this will make the NHLPA desperate but he doesn't need to say anything. He's saying that he'll just do two more weeks of damage to the sport just to get into the head of the players. Fans don't take kindly to that stuff even if it was the strategic move. Just don't F'ing talk about it.

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