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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Gose isnt even a top ten prospect according to BBA.
Gose was rated thirty ninth overall on their pre-2012 season annual top 100 list. An elite outfield prospect with speed, contact ability, outstanding defensive play, and budding power. On most prospect lists he's ranked in the Jays top three. Check again, buddy.

Two power pitchers who have yet to learn control to go along with their potential.
Syndergaard had a 3.94 strikeout to walk ratio in Lansing. Sanchez had a 1.90 strikeout to walk ratio in Lansing.

The former ratio is absolutely outstanding, particularly given Syndergaard's high strikeout ability (10.6 over 9 innings last year). Sanchez still needs some work, but anything above 2 strikeouts per walk is considered acceptable.

Try again.

A catcher made of glass who at 23 is getting up there in age for a prospect.
The number seventeen ranked prospect on Baseball America (whose opinion you clearly value) and their pre-season annual top 100 list. The second-highest rank by a pure catcher in terms of position, and only one behind the top ranked, Devin Mesoraco at sixteen.

And 23 isn't even close to being old for a prospect, especially at catcher, a position that is notoriously difficult to master. D'Arnaud raked in Triple A this past season as well. Posey didn't become a regular until 23 years old and neither did Wieters. Travis is perfectly on track in terms of his projected trajectory to the majors.

Three of the Jays top rated prospects, one who was considered the second best prospect of the system, a left handed pitcher who already has the polish and control to actually contribute next year while the Marlins are horrible, a defensive mided shortstop who makes the Marlins up the middle defense that much better then Reyes ever could, and filler who will fill out the Marlins MLB roster while they restart another rebuild. All that, while getting rid of those contracts. You have to look at this from the Marlins perspective, their goal was to get rid of those contracts, the talent that came with was just gravy considering they know they will be bad for the next few years.
Pure fluff. If you think that Nicolino will be a contributor at the big league level as early as next season, and not only that but contribute anything worthwhile, I have a public-funded stadium in Little Havana that you can finance that will be a GREAT deal for you and the city.

Three of the Jays top ten prospects.
So the Jays went from the best or second best system to a top ten system. While accumulating ten combined all-star appearances in the deal.

I'll take that exchange any day. The precise value of building up such a quality system was to eventually be able to make transactions that are of tremendous importance to improving the major league club like we saw several days ago. The fact that none of the big four guys were touched is all the more remarkable. Marisnick would have been in that group prior to the season, but he really lost a lot of lustre by struggling so much this season.

Not specificly considering nobody knows what kind of player Nicolino will turn out to be. But a comparison to Glavine is pretty impressive while with the players the Jays recieved you basicly know what you are getting, two of which have injury concern.
Four of the players that the Jays received in return have been all-stars in the past, three of them perennially.

This was a trade about money, nothing more. It remains be seen what will transpire because of it.
Which was to the Jays advantage. You trying to pin it any other way than a huge advantage for Toronto is intellectually dishonest on your part.

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