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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
Gose isnt even a top ten prospect according to BBA.

Two power pitchers who have yet to learn control to go along with their potential.

A catcher made of glass who at 23 is getting up there in age for a prospect.

Three of the Jays top rated prospects, one who was considered the second best prospect of the system, a left handed pitcher who already has the polish and control to actually contribute next year while the Marlins are horrible, a defensive mided shortstop who makes the Marlins up the middle defense that much better then Reyes ever could, and filler who will fill out the Marlins MLB roster while they restart another rebuild. All that, while getting rid of those contracts. You have to look at this from the Marlins perspective, their goal was to get rid of those contracts, the talent that came with was just gravy considering they know they will be bad for the next few years.
Three of the Jays top ten prospects.

Not specificly considering nobody knows what kind of player Nicolino will turn out to be. But a comparison to Glavine is pretty impressive while with the players the Jays recieved you basicly know what you are getting, two of which have injury concern.

This was a trade about money, nothing more. It remains be seen what will transpire because of it.
I don't care what they say, I care what the people who watch the games say.. A lot of these projections are based on stats. Gose has a rocket arm, speed to burn, excellent defensively and his bat is coming around. He's been compared to Kenny Lofton if he hits his ceiling.

How many times did you watch Lansing last year? Out of curiosity?

A catcher who also happens to be the second best C prospect in the majors?

And I'll give up 3 of our top 10 prospects for 3 of their top 6 or 7 major league players any day of the week.

Why do we have to look at it from a Marlins perspective? What about a Blue Jays perspective; the team we cheer for?

We got an allstar shortstop and a significant upgrade at the position, 2 top end starters who significantly improve the rotation, an upgrade at the backup catcher, and a versitile switch hitting base stealer....... All for good, but not great prospects. All while keeping our two highest ceiling pitchers, our highest ceiling OF prospect, and a great catcher who was the main peice in the Roy Halladay trade who happend to be the best pitcher in baseball. d'Arnaud is ready for the show, but we already have a young major league catcher.. Circumstance has prevented him from seeing time with the big club over the past two years.

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